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Midwest and Great Lakes Region

Want to GROW field hockey in the Midwest and Great Lakes Region? 

Interested in getting the word out about programming in your area? Contact us and join the growing GLRFH field hockey community!


Be a part of something great with GLRFH! 

Check out what's new at great lakes regional field hockey. programming information, events, annual report, special field hockey play opportunities. midwest field hockey features

midwest and great lakes regional field hockey field fundraiser. goal is 2,150,000 to build a field hockey field for the regional community. field hockey games, practices, events, club field hockey, adult field hockey, usa field hockey.

Thank you for your support!

midwest and great lakes regional field hockey high school players laughing on the field at the michigan high school field hockey league senior game 2022

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Great Lakes Regional Field Hockey

Adult field hockey at legacy center sports complex. indoor field hockey league play for adults