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Welcome to the Michigan - Ohio Border Conference (Middle School)

These teams play field hockey and travel to do it!  They make the effort to go up to 70 MILES to play games and enjoy the sport of field hockey.  That's a hike!

Much respect to these teams, players, coaches and families who are willing to go to such lengths just to play the game.   That's just how great this game is and how willing people are to go to great lengths to play.

Great Lakes Regional Field Hockey is very proud to host their league on line and showcase these athletes and teams in a way that honors their dedication to play. 

We hope you enjoy following this group, which has, over the years, produced national level players.  At least 3 former players have been a part of USA Field Hockey Junior National Teams.  Which of these athletes could be the next to rise to that level? We are sure they are out there!

MIchigan Ohio Border Conference

Adult field hockey group photo