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Core Values

We have a passion for the sport of field hockey and for its unique community.

We recognize that field hockey players tend to be:
  • Leaders in their communities
  • Willing to give back to their field hockey community
  • Willing to work together to achieve a goal larger than their own personal goal
  • Thoughtful 

field hockey players on field out door watered turf competing

We believe that every field hockey athlete develops and grows at their own pace.

Beliefs & Passions
  • Every athlete should experience a variety of athletic endeavors.  We support programming plans that invest in multi-sport athletes.
  • In order to grow the sport in the Great Lakes Region of the Midwest, we need to provide quality facilities that provide access to multi-training opportunities to athletes of all ages, experience and interest levels.
  • The Great Lakes Region can grow the sport of field hockey at the youth, high school, club and collegiate level.
  • Growing the game for boys and adults is possible in the Great Lakes Region.
  • Athletes in the Great Lakes Region can be among the elite field hockey players in the country.
  • Financial support, outreach, and development for geographic locations, families and athletes, where resources create barriers to growth and success. 
  • To be the best you can be, your competition needs to be the best it can be. 
For optimal development and growth in sport, every athlete must be provided:
  • Quality coaching
  • Time to develop skills through experimentation & trial and error, with room to improve at their own pace
  • Playing time in game situations to gain game understanding and tactical awareness
  • Situations to experience both successes and failures